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There are 9 vacancies.

Corporate Communications Senior Manager

We're looking for a senior manager to manage a small team of communications specialists and take charge of SE’s corporate communications activities.
Closing date: 02/03/2015

International Oil and Gas Senior Executive

In this role you’ll support SE’s oil & gas and international teams, and improve your understanding of the oil and gas industry in Scotland and further afield.
Closing date: 04/03/2015

Project manager - business infrastructure

You’ll work on a portfolio of business infrastructure projects, including the development of land and buildings.
Closing date: 06/03/2015

Senior Administrator - High Growth Markets Unit

As part of the High Growth Markets Unit, you’ll inspire Scottish companies to do business in India, China and the Middle East
Closing date: 06/03/2015

Senior Executive - Energy

In this role, you’ll help us to understand more about this market, identify the opportunities for Scottish companies, and develop our strategy for supporting them.
Closing date: 04/03/2015

Senior Executive - EU Funding

You’ll lead the development of a range of EU funded projects as part of the Scotland Europa team.
Closing date: 02/03/2015

Senior Manager - Competitive Place

Managing a team of up to 10 infrastructure specialists, you’ll lead our contribution to making Scotland an internationally competitive place for investment.
Closing date: 06/03/2015

Senior project managers - business infrastructure

You’ll manage your own portfolio of business infrastructure projects, and support other managers with more complex developments.
Closing date: 06/03/2015

Solicitor and Senior Solicitors

We need a Executive Grade Solicitor and three Principal Solicitors to join our multi-disciplinary team in a fast-paced and challenging environment, where innovation is strongly encouraged.
Closing date: 01/03/2015