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Industry support

  • Aerospace, defence and marine

    Practical help, support and advice for ADM companies in Scotland or those looking to enter the global supply chain.

    Aerospace, defence and marine

  • Business processing operations

    Scotland's BPO industry employs over 90,000 people in 400 centres - we're committed to working with the sector to build on that success

    Business processing operations

  • Chemical sciences

    From refineries to perfumeries: we help chemicals companies to make the most of one of Scotland's biggest sectors.

    Chemical sciences

  • Construction

    Construction Scotland is the leadership organisation for Scotland's construction industry. Link to the microsite and find other resources here.


  • Creative industries

    We know you're a pretty clever bunch, but even the most innovative companies occasionally require business support. That's where we come in.

    Creative industries

  • Financial services

    Our range of support services help Scotland remain one of Europe's leading financial services centres

    Financial services

  • Food and drink

    There has never been a better time for Scotland's food and drink sector. We offer a variety of services to help food and drink companies grow - both at home and abroad

    Food and drink

  • Life sciences

    Life sciences and biotech companies can access our support to explore global opportunities, find collaborative partners and maximise the industry's future in Scotland.

    Life sciences

  • Manufacturing

    We provide expert advice, one-to-one support, training and events for manufacturing businesses of all sizes throughout Scotland.


  • Oil and gas

    Oil and gas companies can access a range of Scottish Enterprise services to help maximise the future of the industry in Scotland

    Oil and gas

  • Renewable energy

    Find out more about the services and support available to renewable energy companies.

    Renewable energy

  • Technology

    We help Scotland’s technology and engineering sector make the most of its capabilities and skills and highlight new market opportunities.


  • Textiles

    From supporting the Textiles Scotland brand to developing the workforce, we can help your textiles business compete.


  • Tourism

    We’re here to help Scottish tourism businesses grow