Meet the team

Sarah Deas, Chief Executive

Sarah leads the strategic and operational development of CDS. She proactively promotes co-operative business models by engaging with stakeholders and the media.


Sarah Deas - chief executive

Jim Maxwell, Business Development Manager

Jim leads CDS's client support, developing services and matching client needs with suitable advisers. He is the first point of contact for new enquiries.

Jim Maxwell

Gillian Kirton, Project Manager

Gillian manages a number of strategic projects that support the work of CDS, including research and liaising with stakeholder organisations.

Gillian Kirton

Glen Dott, Specialist Adviser

Glen advises clients and leads some of CDS's key projects. He helps potential or growing co-operative and employee-owned businesses explore how co-operation can work for them.

Glen Dott

Jaye Martin, Specialist Advisor

Jaye advises clients and leads some of CDS's key projects. She helps potential or growing co-operatives explore how co-operation can work for them.

Jaye Martin

Angela Wardrope, Project Manager

Angela leads the marketing activity of CDS. She promotes co-operative and employee owned business models across Scotland.

Angela Wardrope

Cathy McCready, Marketing and Communications

Cathy provides marketing and communications support, which includes liaising with media agencies and managing the development of events.

Cathy McCready

Carol Smith, Administrator

Carol is PA to Sarah Deas. She also provides administrative support for the CDS team and Advisory Board and  assists with marketing projects.

Carol Smith