Regional Selective Assistance (RSA)
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If you're looking for investment that will directly result in the creation or safeguarding of jobs in Scotland, you're in the right place. 

Both indigenous and foreign companies can apply with the resulting impact on employment helping to ensure Scotland’s economy remains globally competitive.

RSA is a discretionary grant scheme, so there's a number of criteria to be met for an application to be successful. The amount offered depends on the size of your business, location of the project and our assessment of how much is needed for the project go ahead.

There are three tiers of assisted areas in Scotland reflecting different maximum levels of grant assistance potentially available.

Changes to RSA

The European Union (EU) is conducting its regular seven year review of State-Aid rules, which will impact RSA. As a result companies with 250 or more employees may no longer be eligible for RSA funding. We'll publish details of the new rules as soon as they're available.

If you submitted your application before 28 February 2014,  your project will be appraised under current EU rules.