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Intellectual property (IP) assets not only include patents, copyright, registered designs and trade marks, they can also include trade secrets, expertise, sector knowledge and brand identity.  

On average IP assets form around 80% of a business value – so they require effective management to extract maximum profitability. 

Want to know more? Read our quick guide to managing your IP assets 

How we can help

We offer free and impartial advice to help your business identify, manage and exploit intellectual property (IP) assets. Effective management of your IP, including expertise and market knowledge, can help increase your company's profits.

Are you developing new products and services, or simply exploring alternative methods of doing business?

  • We can help you to identify the IP that you will need to manage in order to protect your innovations and developments

Are you working with third parties? 

  • We can help you to manage confidentiality, contracts and ownership between all those involved

Do you want to attract investment or sell your business?

  • We can help you identify and value the unique assets that make your company attractive to investors and customers

Are you looking for new revenue streams? 

  • We offer advice and guidance on the various methods to take your goods and services to market

Are you building a brand? 

  • We can help you to strengthen it and protect it against copying

Are you considering International trade?

  • We offer tailored advice on international IP strategy

Are you eligible? 

Your company will need to be formed and based in Scotland and have ambitions for growth.

If you've not yet formed your company Business Gateway can help you get started

We don't work with inventors or individuals with an early stage idea for a product.

If you do have a great idea or invention Bright Idea Scotland can help you get started


We'll help you identify what you need to do to improve your IP management and achieve greater profitability for your business.

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