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The Scottish Investment Bank Annual Review Highlights 2015-2016

The Scottish Investment Bank is the investment arm of Scotland’s main economic development agency, Scottish Enterprise. We work across Scotland with Highlands and Islands Enterprise. We support economic growth by increasing the supply of growth finance to Scottish businesses and helping more companies to access finance.

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Kerry Sharp, director of the Scottish Investment Bank, reflects on a year when SIB introduced new support for companies looking to raise finance, and looks forward to the developments that will help even more Scottish companies achieve growth.

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A year in which we helped deliver growth

SIB investment and support helps companies on every step of their growth journey. From seed funding and development finance and support, to helping them attract investment.


In 2015 - 16 we:

  • Invested £52.4 million in 133 Scottish companies
  • Helped companies leverage £277 million of private investment
  • Invested £12.2 million in 13 SMEs, through the Scottish Loan Fund

In 2015-16 we helped Scottish companies deliver ambitious international growth plans

  • Our investee companies won export contracts worth £179.6 million
  • And their international sales reached over £220 million

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Case study :
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More than investment

SIB support and advice is about more than just the money. The introductions, guidance and knowledge offered by our team helps companies build supportive networks, and brings expertise and insights to many of Scotland’s growing businesses.


In 2015-16:

  • Our Financial Readiness specialists worked with 418 businesses to help them prepare to raise investment
  • We expanded our Financial Readiness service, and helped more companies access it
  • Our investments produced economic benefits for Scotland
    • We helped companies achieve annual turnover of more than £550 million
    • Investee companies supported over 3,700 jobs in 2015-16

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Internet Anywhere

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Working in partnership

Building strong partnerships between businesses and investors is key to securing Scotland’s economic future.


    In 2015-16 we:

    • Worked with over 50 corporate and venture capital funds based outside Scotland
    • Helped companies secure more than £220 million of investment from outside Scotland
    • Delivered business support with  Scottish Enterprise and Highlands and Islands Enterprise

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New opportunities for growth

As SIB-funded companies grow and expand, they attract interest from fresh investors and potential buyers.


In 2015-16 we:

  • Generated £35.7 million of income, which will be re-invested
  • This was supported by 12 successful exits
  • This contributes to Scotland's vibrant investment market

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Helping to support sectors

We work with a wide range of businesses, across many sectors – including life sciences, energy, technology and engineering, renewables, food and drink and the creative industries – to help strengthen the Scottish economy.


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  • We invested £9.85 million in 10 renewable energy projects
    • 5 in community renewables 
    • 5 in marine renewables
  • We leveraged a further £33 million of investment in renewable energy
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