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Right now, there's huge demand for Scottish products, services and expertise in China. We can connect you to the right opportunities in these markets and guide you through the essentials of setting up business there.

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China woos Scottish firms

The time is now for reaching out to China, as the collaborative relationships formed over the next few years with Chinese investors are likely to influence investment patterns for generations to come. So which Scottish firms are already winning in China?

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China sparks bright future for Ireland Alloys

"We're opening up business we didn't have before." Watch our interview with Rosie Hill, Business Development Manager at Ireland Alloys, as she shares her experience of exporting and China's potential to grow the business.

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Getting the right support

Our market experts here in Scotland and across our offices in Mainland China (Beijing, Shanghai and Shenzhen), Hong Kong and Taiwan can help your business connect with local companies and key decision-makers.

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Chinese government priorities

The Chinese government's Made in China 2025 plan highlights four key initiatives to continue reforming the economy.

  • 10-year action plan to elevate China's manufacturing strength – backed by State Council fund of £4.3 billion to support emerging industries
  • Industry shift to quality over quantity – specialist and innovative tech expertise will be in high demand
  • Measures in place to support foreign direct investment by accelerating RMB exchange conversions
  • Key high value opportunities in healthcare, energy, transportation, ecommerce and sustainable urban development

Scottish businesses are well-positioned to capture a share of this investment market, and we're here to help.

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Innovators wanted

Demand for innovative products in China remains high which is good news for Scottish companies with the right expertise to collaborate on new technology projects. We're here to help match you to those projects.

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China market research tips

Finding the right market information is an essential part of developing your approach to selling internationally. This guide will help you find what you need to know quickly and easily to:

  • Identify overseas market opportunities
  • Build sector specific knowledge
  • Grow competitor intelligence
  • Keep up to date with industry issues

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