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Data Opportunity Workshop

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This event is now passed

Date: 29 June 2016

Venue: Jurys Inn Edinburgh, 43 Jeffery Street, Edinburgh , Midlothian EH1 1DH

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In this increasingly networked world driven by the consumerisation of IT and the explosion of mobile and social networking, organisations have more data, coming from more places than ever before. The challenge is how do you transform that data into real business value?

Scottish Enterprise, in partnership with The Data Lab Innovation Centre is hosting a number of one-day data opportunity workshops. The aim is to transform your business through innovative uses of data.

This workshop is designed to help company leaders explore the potential use of data to provide insight into your business. The aim is to understand the role of data and how to create a strategy using data to drive innovation to increase revenues and profits. In turn this will create new income streams and allow you to stay ahead of the competition.

What will be covered?

This workshop will combine theory and practical examples to provide an insight into:

  • The big picture of data and how it will impact at a global and local level
  • Understand the drivers and benefits of using data
  • The opportunity for your business - how to begin to assess the role of data

Learning objectives:

  • Develop an understanding of what data is, how it is produced and how it is used
  • Understand, using case studies, how others have made effective use of data in their businesses
  • Provide strategies and tools for you to define your business situation, assess data resources available to you, and consider the potential threats and opportunities
  • Understand how to create your journey map for introducing a data strategy into your company