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Contributing to two of 2014’s biggest sporting events has created a lasting legacy for Boston Networks.

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During 2014’s Ryder Cup and Commonwealth Games, thousands of people participated in competitive sport in Scotland across scores of sites, with TV coverage viewed in over half a billion homes around the world.

Successfully tendering to provide communications infrastructure to both events, Glasgow-based Boston Networks found the event gave them the global exposure they needed to take their business to the next level. 

Supporting the Commonwealth Games 

In 2007, Boston Networks’ chief executive Scott McEwan celebrated the success of the Glasgow 2014 bid with the rest of Scotland. Immediately understanding the vast benefits the Commonwealth Games would bring to Scotland, he also saw the opportunity it presented for Boston Networks.

The company’s experience setting up multi-site wireless networks and security systems made it an ideal partner to the Games. He immediately registered on the online portal, visiting the site regularly until the Invitation to Tender for ‘overlay, cabling, infrastructure and systems' - that would enable organisers to deliver all Games technology, including Games TV - was published.

One of four companies shortlisted for the contract, Boston Networks found themselves up against two sizeable organisations with previous experience in supporting large-scale sporting events, including the Olympics. 

Delivering network infrastructure for both the Commonwealth Games and Ryder Cup has raised the profile of Boston Networks with event organisers globally, and has cemented our position as a specialist provider of innovative communication and security solutions to large sporting events.

Scott MacEwan, CEO, Boston Networks

In late 2013, Scott received a call to say Boston Networks had won the Commonwealth Games contract.

All hands on deck, the team immediately developed an operational plan. They installed a communications network across all competitive and non-competitive sites, from the Athletes Village to the Tollcross Aquatic Centre. 

The team designed and installed voice, data and internet networks into every site and wirelessly connected a network to beam 24 channels for the host broadcaster, Games TV, across the city – into the athletes’ bedrooms, sporting venues and city centre Games HQ.

Riding high with the Ryder Cup

In parallel with the Commonwealth Games delivery, Boston Networks won the contract to create a world-class communications infrastructure and intelligent IP security system for the 2014 Ryder Cup at Gleneagles.

To ensure the PGA Course was protected and critical event preparations were uninterrupted, Boston Networks deployed a full course protection surveillance solution to monitor all areas of the course.

To fully support the Ryder Cup event security and safety strategy, the team designed and delivered an IP security system to run across the on-course network and provide HD views of all areas of the course, as well as the key public transport routes leading to Gleneagles.

Providing a complete visual overview of the course and key local transport locations, the security solution was designed with the 45,000 spectators in mind.

Scott said: “Both events were completely different. The Ryder Cup was a single, predominantly outdoor site with a huge number of people visiting over a short period of time. The Commonwealth Games required the same level of service concurrently across over 20 venues."

A lasting legacy

Contributing to two of the world's greatest sporting events raised the global profile of Boston Networks enormously, and brought huge business benefits. 

Scott explained: “We've seen a significant uplift in business following a fantastic 2014. The PR surrounding both events has definitely put us in the spotlight – we were an official provider to the Commonwealth Games, so our branding was out there for people to see all over the world." 

We have successfully secured significant additional business to deliver intelligent network infrastructure, wireless technologies, network CCTV and broadcast TV transmission for a number of major events over the next 2 years, worth in excess of £1,000,000.

Scott McEwan, chief executive of Boston Networks

This global platform allowed them to cement their position as a specialist provider of innovative communication and security solutions. "Capitalising on this, we have successfully secured significant additional business to deliver intelligent network infrastructure, wireless technologies, network CCTV and broadcast TV transmission for a number of major event over the next two years, worth in excess of £1,000,000" recalls Scott McEwan.

"In terms of business growth, 2014 was our most successful to date. As a result, we have expanded our footprint and opened a new office in Aberdeen this year. We have also made a number of senior appointments and internal promotions.

“Perhaps the greatest legacy is staff benefit. Yes, it was a demanding year with everybody working around the clock to help get Scotland ready to host two of the world’s biggest sporting events, but we all thoroughly enjoyed it. As a result, the team has really matured and become more aware of their capability and competence. I am extremely proud of our 2014 achievements.”

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