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Innovation and diversification has seen one chicken farmer move up the food and drink product pecking order.

Man and woman exercising in the park with a bottle of PECK in the foreground

By thinking outside the egg carton, farmer Matthew Havers has launched the high protein beverage start-up, Peck. Matthew, of Kings Farm, Suffolk, believes his new product meets market interest for sustainable and healthy food and drink.

Made from egg whites, Peck is a result of consumer demand for nutritious protein drinks and environmentally friendly food and drink products. By making the drink with second-grade classified eggs, a side-product which is usually thrown out, Matthew and Kings Farm are reducing waste.

A healthy and sustainable innovation 

Currently between 2% to 8% of eggs produced are thrown out due to being second-grade eggs and classified as not suitable for retail. 

Peck's use of second-grade eggs tackles the issues of food waste and product sustainability, and with the drinks containing 66% egg white, no dairy or sugar, the product also provides consumers with the healthy, protein-packed product that they're looking for.

Growth opportunities 

Peck shows the value innovation can have on food and drink business growth. Kings Farm is building on its innovation success by gearing up to double their production line to meet future demand. The business is also planning a crowdfunding campaign so they can add hemp and oat-based drinks to their portfolio.

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