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One of our specialists helped Pulsetta to take full advantage of their intellectual assets, which can help to attract investors.


Revolutionary baker Pulsetta use pulses such as peas and lentils to make bread. Their recipes are their most valuable asset, allowing them to make gluten and wheat-free bread that is so nutritious that it can count as one of the “five a day” portions of fruit and vegetables. Pulsetta’s rolls and loaves are free of major allergens, and they’re are also tasty – they have already won five major taste awards and are now on sale in 100-plus stores across Scotland.

Aberdeen-based Pulsetta is currently seeking investment to develop, and chief executive Dr Karsten Karcher sees the intellectual assets of the business as a prime attraction for potential investors. “I was surprised as anyone to discover that you can patent a recipe,” says Dr Karcher, “because there is nothing to distinguish a food in patent terms from, say, a pharmaceutical idea. It is a combination of ingredients that, when put in a certain proportion together, creates something very unusual. That is the patent we have as the first step of our business.”

Scottish Enterprise helped Pulsetta with an audit of its intellectual assets. The pending patents, the trademarks, the copyrights, the awards – all form part of the intellectual assets of Pulsetta. It’s already being put to good use, as Dr Karcher explains.

A great example of a business that is getting it right.

Martin Layton, intellectual assets specialist at Scottish Enterprise

He says: “We are just embarking on fundraising, and, as a start-up, there can be question marks, but having a considerable intellectual asset base is hugely valuable.”

Martin Layton, one of our intellectual assets specialists who worked closely with Pulsetta, says: “They have a great tasting product, which offers proven health benefits.

“As a business, Pulsetta has successfully built its proposition through its intellectual assets. Its intellectual property protection strategy is fundamental to underpinning its investor proposition and projected growth plan. It’s fundamental to their internationalisation strategy as well.

They’re a great example of a business that is getting it right.”

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