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Most companies come across an intellectual asset challenge at one point or other. Our intellectual assets team can guide you through various IA and IP situations, and here's how.

There are two types of intellectual asset: intellectual property such as patents and trademarks (which can be legally protected and traded), and others such as brands, key relationships and knowledge.

Managing your intellectual property effectively won’t just protect your products, services and brand, it can also ensure you’re able to make the most of commercial opportunities in the UK and overseas. We can help if you’re:

  • Developing new products and services
  • Working with third parties
  • Trying to attract investment or sell your business
  • Seeking new revenue stream
  • Building and protecting a brand

Here are a couple of examples of our support.

Registering international trademarks

NaturallyUnlimited Ltd’s first product, FitSip, is a wrist-mounted 100% hands-free hydration pouch which gives runners enough water to remain hydrated but without the weight and hassle of bottles or belts.


We helped FitSip ensure their brand was prepared and protected for international markets.

When the company got in touch with us, they were looking for a review of their current intellectual property (IP) position – to ensure that they had explored all avenues to protect their product developments before market launch.

The company had only one trade mark registered within the UK at the time of initial discussions and required assistance on identifying what other IP would be relevant to protect the product.

Our review suggested an extension of their trade mark portfolio to cover wider geographical territories. Funding from us and the UK Intellectual Property Office enabled the company to hire a legal professional to provide a wider review of their IP and give a legal overview of protection strategies.

As a result, the company widened its IP protection strategy by registering additional trademarks and designs. 

Since launching in February 2013 - FitSip has been sold in 33 countries including the USA, Brazil and Australia. They have since developed the lighter, 2nd generation model, FitSip ProLite, and extended their network of international distributors.

Challenging trademark infringement

Glasgow-based Impact Arts is a community charity with a mission to help people achieve their potential through creativity and the arts. The team contacted us when they were made aware that there was a Facebook profile which had been created by another firm using the Impact Arts name and logo.  


Impacts Arts talked to us after discovering brand plagiarism on Facebook

As Katie Smith, the charity's Communications Co-ordinator put it: “If existing or prospective clients had come across this content, it would have been damaging to our brand and would have caused confusion."

Although the charity had a UK registered trademark for their logo, they were unsure of how to enforce their rights and have the copycat content removed or deleted.  A Scottish Enterprise Intellectual Assets Specialist subsequently researched and clarified the situation.  

We outlined the course of action including the use of Facebook’s ‘Reporting Trademark Infringements’ process.  With the result being that the third-party content was removed with immediate effect. 

The charity has just celebrated its 20th Birthday with a specially commissioned exhibition at The Young Gallery in Dennistoun, Glasgow. 

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