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John Thomson, director of Genius PPT Limited, has big plans for his company’s innovative software tools that will take the products into international markets.

John Thomson, director of Genius

Genius PPT Limited has developed unique software which allows companies to identify and catalogue all of their security certificates from a single management interface.

John explains how his company’s dedication to innovation and the ‘Make it to Market’ grant have helped expand the software into new markets.

What inspired you to get into business?

I’ve always believed you can achieve most things if you really put your mind to it. I’d been lucky enough to meet a few people in my younger years who hadn’t continued on the usual path into work and had set up their own businesses. These were relatively small businesses, but I suppose I saw my own ambition in those people and they spurred me on to find a way to start my own business. These influential people weren’t formal mentors, but their drive, enthusiasm and self-belief encouraged me to find a way to start my own business eventually.

How has your business changed since it started six years ago?

Our clients have gotten bigger in scale and their geographic spread has widened from UK to Europe and the US. We have developed our software to incorporate additional functionality requested by our clients and have developed our commercial model to remove many of the common barriers to sale.

What was the project that you used ‘Make it to Market’ funding for?

We had developed DIMS software to help manage SSL certificate inventory. Most companies still use a spreadsheet or a diary entry to manage things like their certificate renewals. However, that’s not going to help with managing exceptions, which can be very costly both financially and in terms of reputational damage if something goes wrong. 

DIMS monitors and alerts the client to any risk. It had been taken up by a number of large corporations and third sector clients in the UK when we were approached by one of the certificate authorities (the organisations who issue the certificates globally) in the US who were interested in embedding our DIMS software in their systems and rolling it out to their clients.

We used the grant assistance to help cover some of the cost of checking for any existing patents to ensure we wouldn’t fall foul of any patent trolls when we rolled DIMS out into markets elsewhere in the world. They described our software as “superior and more mature” than anything else they’d seen.

What benefits will this project bring to your company?

As well as the immediate lift in income, possibly more valuable is the feedback we are receiving from the large multinational clients we are exposed to. This will help us develop DIMS and keep it fresh and ready for entry to new markets in the future.

As a result of the project, Genius have since signed a contract with Globalsign in the US, who will promote a version of our DIMS software to their enterprise customers. This project will deliver long term revenue for Genius. Globalsign are a world-leading SSL Certificate Provider.

How important is innovation to you and your business?

With any software solution you have to stay ahead of the market, and the only way to do that is to innovate. We keep our eyes and ears open so we can try to anticipate problems our clients might encounter and offer a fix.

What inspires you?

I love the enthusiasm I see in the team we have – they believe that they're doing something worthwhile and want to do the best job they can for our clients. Our clients regularly tell us we have a great solution and great people. That drives us on to be even better.

What is your ambition for the future?

We’d like to see clients using Genius technology throughout the world. We know our software is attractive to companies in other countries - it’s now used widely in the UK and we have customers in Eire, Spain, US and Mauritius. We have had enquiries from across the world and recently returned from South Africa having been invited by some prospects there. 

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