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With the help of our business mentoring programme, Edinburgh's Moon Collider have reached new frontiers of success. 

Designer and producer of Kythera – a next-generation artificial intelligence platform – the company’s sales revenue is generated almost exclusively from export markets.

With a client base drawn primarily from the US, Moon Collider works with such international games stalwarts as Cloud Imperium and Solar Fall.

CEO Matthew Jack is a Cambridge University graduate whose consultancy experience in London, Vienna and San Francisco, helps him deliver and shape products for global brands like BMW and Sky.

Moon Collider
Matthew Jack from Moon Collider

Powering up

With a view to growing Moon Collider, Matthew decided to explore our business mentoring service in the summer of 2013. He was matched with his mentor Stuart Paterson.

With over 40 years’ business experience, primarily within the information technology industry, Stuart has worked in a wide range of high-level roles – including directorships with leading multi-nationals Compaq and Hewlett Packard.

There were various reasons why Matthew decided to enter the mentoring programme. 

“I felt under a lot of pressure, as I was making a lot of decisions on business issues I had no experience of,” Matthew explains. 

“I felt strongly that there would be other business leaders out there that had gone through the same thing and it would be valuable to speak with them.” 

Back to business basics

Initially, Moon Collider believed it would require someone from a very technical background to assist in business mentoring. However, Stuart’s extensive experience and skills in related industries quickly proved invaluable and he quickly became an important source of support for the company.

Since going into mentoring our annual turnover has more than doubled, and we expect it to continue to grow... our business has done very well recently and Stuart's support has been absolutely instrumental in that.

Matthew Jack, CEO and lead architect, Moon Collider

By reminding the company of the fundamentals, rather than specific market advice, he helped Moon Collider simplify its business approach. 

“We concentrated on things like making financial forecasts more robust and keeping them simple,” says Matthew.

“We have already seen increased confidence due to our more accurate financial forecasts”

Strategy, employment and the bottom line

Encouraging Moon Collider to think about dynamics in the business, Stuart was pivotal in helping to shape its overarching strategy. 

"We had been thinking about whether to focus on creating middle-ware packages to help games companies design games, to concentrate on acting as consultants or delivering products at a lower price range to the mass market," Matthew remembers.

"Stuart's input helped us with this thought process and to make a decision."

The company has continued to expand - swelling from two employees to five - with the new business perspective helping them to hire and retain more staff. 

"Since going into mentoring our annual turnover has more than doubled, and we expect it to continue to grow. Of course, it's difficult to quantify how much of this is down to Stuart, but I would say our business has done very well recently, and Stuart’s support has been absolutely instrumental in that.”

Next steps 

If you think business mentoring could help your company seize new opportunities, we can help. 

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