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Scottish businesses need to get ready for the changes that are coming, according to Dr Graeme Codrington, expert on the future world of work.

Graeme Codrington, Tomorrow's World, Today

“The most significant challenges that companies and individuals are facing at the moment is how to be adaptable in times of constant and disruptive change,” futurist Dr Graeme Codrington recently told a business masterclass in Glasgow.

He was discussing the challenges – and opportunities – that come with the enormous changes affecting the world at the moment.

Graeme Codrington, Tomorrow's World, Today
Graeme Codrington
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His overarching message was that unavoidable change is coming, and may even have arrived, so the only response from business was to welcome it and be prepared for it.

“The organisms and organizations that are going to be most successful are those who can adapt to change, so that is the key. Adaptability is more than just an ability to change. It’s almost a desire, a DNA of change, and that requires a new set of skills and a new set of behaviours.”

Dr Codrington urged business leaders to make a commitment to look at future developments in order to prepare for them. But he warned that preparation for change is not easy – it takes hard work and difficult adjustments.

“One of the biggest dangers we face at the moment is that organizations are desperately looking around for that DNA that will help them to be effective as they realize that probably the way things have been done is holding the company back.

“You can’t import someone else’s culture. You’ve got to actually build your own DNA change, from the inside. We can’t get ideas from other companies, I think there’s a huge danger in just copying them or trying to import them.”

Instead, he suggests, the change in order to become “future fit” is a gradual shift in attitude from one of reacting to change to actively seeking it out or even causing the disruption or change.

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