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The renewable energy sector in Japan presents many opportunities for Scottish companies with the right expertise, writes Tina Koenig from wind energy data consultancy Oldbaum Services.

LiDAR being decommissioned at the Rodsand II wind farm in Denmark last month. Oldbaum provided the LiDAR instrumentation solution for this campaign (Offshore Wind Accelerator Wakes Measurement campaign), which was hosted and managed by E.ON Climate & Renewables on behalf of the Carbon Trust.

Japan is well known for innovation and embracing new technology and ideas, and this enthusiasm for technology is seen in the recent upsurge in interest in marine-based renewable energy. We’re looking forward to exploring the potential to do more business in Japan, and we’re no strangers to working across the world, with 70% of our turnover coming in from outside the UK.

Oldbaum specialise in wind data and instrumentation. We provide data assistance in the early stages of a wind farm project, offer expert advice on the location of a wind farm, estimate potential energy output, and advise on how best to progress with a project to ensure high quality wind data. With nine years of experience using LiDAR remote sensing technology this makes us one of the most experienced companies out there. We are able to deliver knowledge, innovation and expertise to wind developers of all sizes onshore and offshore. 

The new energy frontier

Due to Japan’s deep sea waters there has been considerable interest in floating turbine technology – with some describing the country as “the new energy frontier.” According to the Japanese Environmental Ministry, the potential of offshore wind in Japan is 1.6 billion kilowatts. Floating foundations look set to be the long-term future – with 70% of the world’s offshore wind resource located in deep water around the world. 

Specifically for the Japanese market we are looking to promote our floating LiDAR and scanning LiDAR services. As an independent company Oldbaum is the perfect choice for a fair, unbiased, and responsive approach. We can recommend a wind measurement instrument most suitable for the client’s project – tailored to the client’s technical requirements and project timeline. 

Japan is a new territory for us and we are looking forward to introducing our services to potential new partners, as well as meeting other businesses in the wind industry and learning about their solutions. Technical Director Andy Oldroyd and Senior Instrumentation Engineer Erik Brown will find learning about the Japanese wind sector valuable at the Grand Renewable Energy 2014 International conference and exhibition in Tokyo. Oldbaum’s experience in the wind sector, especially offshore, is a huge advantage to the Japanese market and we hope this will lead to future projects.

Oldbaum attended Grand Renewable Energy 2014 as part of an SDI delegation. Find out more about how Scottish Development International can support you to attend trade shows here: 

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About Oldbaum

Oldbaum Services is a global leader in wind data analysis. With over 216,000 operating hours experience in remote sensing and over 17GW of delivered wind technical services, Oldbaum is one of the most experienced consultants worldwide.