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From high-end Scottish food companies to off-site construction firms, collaboration and forming a consortium can take an integral role in helping businesses succeed.

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Made in Scotland

"It's great when you're working together - it's undoubtedly the way forward" - William Cameron, Made in Scotland
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Made in Scotland bring together a range of high-end food and drink produce - including salmon, cheese, cakes to charcuterie and a range of craft gin, beer and whisky.

By collaborating, members of the consortium aim to use its collective resources and expertise to offer Scottish produce to the global market, creating a route to market for high-quality SME producers that may be difficult to access as individual businesses.

By accessing Co-operative Development Scotland support, Made in Scotland is now able to develop the brand, creating a fully functional ecommerce website and build a strong social media profile.

They have also gained access to expert advice to develop their international strategy.

Look Team

"Without collaboration it would be very difficult to achieve our aspirations" - Paul Fennon, Look Team
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A marketing graphics collaboration between two Glasgow-based companies, EVM and Tangent Graphic, Look Team provide visual marketing and merchandising solutions. 

By working together, they can provide a project planning and management service for major events worldwide, using their unique set of skills and capabilities - including bid development, project management, risk mitigation and logistics planning, creative and branding development, art-working, manufacturing, installation and de-rigging. 

The next step for the consortium is to commission an Inventory Management System for managing and tracking events. They also plan on attending major business events to explore international growth, and access support to identify which international geographies offer the best opportunities.


"Working together we've been able to develop a holistic approach to client care" - Kevin Dewar Healthworks
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A team of four health and wellbeing businesses, Healthworks operates in partnership with employers to optimise employee's physical, psychological and personal wellbeing. 

Offering a range of expertise in areas from physiotherapy to dietetics, the company creates bespoke health and well-being services and solutions, with a view to identifying the risks and barriers that may prevent businesses from getting the best from their employees. 

Collaborating allows them to bring together complementary skills to create a more complete service that will broaden their target market. 

Healthworks are now working to create an interactive online support platform which will enable clients to access interactive health and wellbeing assessment tools, webinars, videos and podcasts - as well as online face-to-face consultations, treatments and training programmes. 

The Start-up Drinks Lab

How The Start-up Drinks Lab got their Scottish manufacturing facility off the ground
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Bringing together two soft drink companies who had struggled to fully manufacture their products in Scotland, they aim to set up a shared manufacturing facility for both current and future members of the consortium. 

Alone, the costs of doing this would be prohibitive - but together, it's much more achievable. The consortium will also offer advice and guidance to drinks producers, and members can take advantage of economies of scale and joint buying power. 

Together they now plan to set up a manufacturing facility, providing them with access to specialist manufacturing support - enabling them to prepare a plan for accessing new international markets.

Terrier Risk Partners

How Terrier Risk Partners are pulling together their skills to address the challenges of cyber security
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Formed of three experienced businesses, Terrier Risk Partners work together to address the issue of cyber security. The skillset includes expertise in risk assessment, business continuity and protection, alongside recovery - offering clients a more complete service. 

This will allow the consortium to tender for larger contracts in the UK - which previously wouldn't be possible as individuals.

Terrier Risk is now developing a marketing campaign, testing their product and considering export opportunities to international markets.

Offsite Hub

"Offsite Hub companies want to come together to scale their organisations" - Dr Robert Hairstans, Edinburgh Napier University
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Comprising seven companies involved in off-site construction, Offsite Hub provides leading-edge technology in the construction industry. The company was formed following the UK Government's 2025 Construction Strategy, which identified offsite construction as a vehicle for delivering improvement targets for the construction sector.

Together with a number of public sector partners (such as Napier University and Scottish Development International) they aim to realise the full potential of Scottish Offsite Modern Methods of Construction. By collaborating, the members can address the key issues in this area - such as improving the working environment in the construction industry and reducing waste from the sector.

It's also hoped that the consortium will help improve the performance of buildings, in areas of construction, comfort and long-term running costs.

The group now plan to develop a communications strategy for the sector - and to provide learning journeys in order that member businesses can learn from the construction methods of other countries.

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