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We're stronger when we work with others. Discover how collaboration can help your company mature, expand and tackle challenges.

Collaboration for growth
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From talking to our customers, we know that businesses often face challenges when it comes to expanding or taking the next step.

A lack of finance and expertise or concerns about risk are familiar barriers, which can cause reluctance and inactivity.

Collaboration with other, like-minded businesses can offer a simple solution for smaller companies by providing the opportunity to share risk - and reward.

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Realise your potential

Finding collaborators
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Collaboration not only addresses the barriers to growth, but also creates an environment where innovation can thrive, bringing together expertise and allowing businesses to explore new opportunities.

A consortium co-operative is a tried-and-tested way to facilitate collaboration. Made up of businesses that come together for a shared purpose, it runs in a shared and equal way, working towards achieving a common objective – with companies retaining their own brand identity, independence and control.

Professional support

Advice and support
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So, you’ve found businesses interested in collaborating with yours.

Now, you need to formalise the consortium. What help is there available to do this?

Co-operative Development Scotland can help you decide how to take your collaboration forward.

They specialise in helping businesses to use the consortium model, guiding them through the key steps – and helping build assurances that everyone is working together in a shared and equal way.

They’ll help provide the required legal documentation, free of charge. 

Feeling the benefits

What collaboration can do for you
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When businesses come together to form a consortium co-operative, it’s usually a win-win situation from the very beginning.

Simply working together can raise a business’ profile, opening up new markets and reaching new customers.

But what else do they offer? Members of a consortium co-operative can pool resources.

This allows access to more valuable contracts – helping to grow business whilst reducing both cost and risk. The ability to combine expertise can lead to more innovative products and services, whilst improving efficiency and economies of scale.

Through this approach, you'll be able to increase revenues and profits, reduce costs and boost productivity.

Discover the power of collaboration

Curious about how collaboration could strengthen your company? We've got the guidance, support and business advice you need to grow.

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Collaboration in action