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Find out how the physical and virtual spaces in your organisation can help to promote innovation and creativity.

Your working environment can be influenced by how well the physical work space is arranged, and how effectively your use of technology aligns with the culture and working practices you want your business to promote.

Modern workspaces are increasingly designed in a way that avoids barriers and the separation of staff. They encourage collaboration between teams and help those in your business share ideas for continuous improvement and growth.

If effectively integrated, technology can empower individuals, encourage autonomy among teams and add value to existing jobs.

Ask yourself these five questions to find out if your company is making the best use of its physical and virtual workplace. 

1. Do you want to make your employees think differently about your workplace?

When creating a positive working environment, your business should make sure the workplace embodies the core values of the company.   

Workplace innovation aims to make you think differently about the atmosphere, surroundings and culture you create at your place of work. Adopting certain practices can help you to create an environment people want to come to every day, and where they feel comfortable sharing their ideas and skills.  

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2. Do your employees have the opportunity to work collaboratively?

Teams who work in the same location who are given the time to explore new ideas - either within their own teams or across departments - are more productive. 

This method of working can lead to improvements in your organisation, including increased innovation and a seamless workflow. An EU survey of 600 workplaces shows that of companies who introduced collaborative working practices, 98% reported improved products and services and 85% reported an increase in sales.

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3. Are your employees concerned about automation?

Technology plays a significant role across many aspects of our lives - not least in the workplace.  Higher global consumer demand means automation is on the increase.

Job security at work is a key part of a healthier, more productive workforce.  Although there are still concerns about the effect automation could have on the job market, new technology can actually improve the quality of working conditions and increase the value of jobs.

Leaders who exercise transparency surrounding the role automation will take at their company are more likely to benefit from positive job re-design, including the re-skilling or upskilling of staff, producing higher quality jobs. 

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4. Do you have the right technology to succeed?

Business success relies on having the right technology and online activity. Your company’s virtual presence is as important as its physical one when it comes to boosting business performance.

Our network of professional ICT specialists can help by providing independent, impartial advice to help your company use technology more effectively.

They will review your company’s current technologies and digital strategy, and then help you to make improvements that could increase sales and reduce costs. This may include practical suggestions for improving web presence and sales, providing advice on the various opportunities to become more efficient by integrating existing systems, and advice on adopting new systems and processes. 

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5. Are you still getting the best out of your manufacturing equipment?

More Scottish companies are recognising the benefits of improving the manufacturing side of their business than ever before. Last year, more than 300 Scottish companies generated £107 million worth of savings by becoming more efficient and increasing their productivity via the Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service (SMAS).

SMAS helps organisations improve and grow by designing and delivering tailored manufacturing improvement support. Support focuses on people, process and technology together to enable manufacturers to become more profitable and competitive.

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