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Richard Higginson, based in our Copenhagen office, highlights the opportunities and support available to help you do business in the region.

Bustling streets of Copenhagen

Recent years have seen Scandinavia raise its international profile, and the region is now considered to be an increasingly attractive business location. In addition to its physical proximity, Scandinavia boasts a number of other links to Scotland - including air and freight routes as well as cultural history. Together this lends the Nordic and Baltic countries a certain allure for Scottish-based companies. 

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Nurturing business links are Scottish Development International staff in Copenhagen and Stavanger, and our GlobalScot network – you can access these resources for free to get all the expertise you need. 

We focus primarily on two things – countries interested in exporting to Nordic and Baltic countries, and Nordic and Baltic countries interested in investing in Scotland. The UK is currently the fourth biggest export partner for Sweden, Denmark and Norway. 

Scandinavia is widely considered a good region in which to ‘cut your teeth’ in business. We see a lot of companies who want to use Scandinavia as their first export market. 

The transparency and clarity associated with the Nordic and Baltic markets is a particularly attractive selling point for Scottish businesses, as is the high level of spoken English which can help to simplify the navigation of foreign markets.  

Want to sell into the EU?

Follow these 10 steps:

  1. Why trade with the EU?
  2. Get ready to export
  3. Find the right market
  4. Routes to market
  5. Visit markets
  6. Logistics
  7. Get your pricing right
  8. Sales and marketing
  9. Selling online
  10. Make an export plan

Significant sector opportunities in Scandinavia

  • Green technology
  • Renewable energy
  • Life sciences
  • Food and drink

Key sectors in Scandinavia differ from country to country. Denmark generally displays a strong interest in green tech –namely the production and development of wind turbines – while Norway’s current focus is on renewable energy, with all of the country’s electricity produced by hydropower. 

Tidal energy is significant in Sweden, as is life sciences – the Ursun ‘medical valley’ region between Copenhagen and South Sweden is home to around 1000 life sciences companies, including world-leader in diabetes drugs development, Novo Nordisk. 

Another industry Scandinavia holds in high regard is Scottish food and drink produce – particularly whisky and salmon. Scottish culture is of great interest to the Scandinavians, and there’s a growing market there for craft beer, gin and even rum. 

Practical advice to help your business

We offer support in the form of free market research for your product in the local market, with help to find distributors, advice on how to sell your product, the rules that apply when doing business in Scandinavia, seller introductions and practical advice on how to get there. 

Got a question about doing business in the Scandinavian or Baltic regions?

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