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Increased urbanisation and water scarcity mean big opportunities for Scottish companies looking to access the Indian water and waste water market.

In countries such as India, 80% of all disease is related to the consumption of the water.
In countries such as India, 80% of all disease is related to the consumption of the water.

India is home to 16% of the world's population, living in just 2.4% of global land area with only 4% of the world's renewable water resources.

The country is also experiencing an urbanisation explosion, with the 300 million Indians currently living in towns and cities expected to double in the next 25 years.

Growing water demand combined with limited natural resources, and urban expansion increasing supply gaps and requiring current systems to be both upgraded and expanded, represents a major challenge.

Howard Dryden, founder and managing director of Dryden Aqua
Howard Dryden on India's business potential
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As a result of increased urbanisation and water scarcity, the Indian government is helping to grow the water and waste water market by adopting supportive policies and introducing increasingly stringent regulatory requirements.

And that means there are growing opportunities for Scottish companies with experience in water and waste water management, technology and innovation.

We've identified four key areas of opportunity for Scotland's water companies:

  • Water demand management
  • Water supply management
  • Upgrading water infrastructure
  • Water utilities management

These represent significant opportunities, estimated market values include:

  • £25 billion - metering, instrumentation and equipment supply in the demand side
  • £1400 billion - involvement in Public Private Partnership (PPP) model with the state utilities and urban local bodies for water supply and distribution
  • £1000 billion - setting up of water treatment plants, sewage and effuent treatment plants
  • £36 billion - involvement in water EPC business and providing solutions in the form of integrated water resource management for utilities

Accessing the Indian water market

We know that entering new markets can be daunting and that's why we offer a range of services and products designed to help companies like yours do business outside Scotland.

There are various ways to access the local water and wastewater market in India:

  • Joint ventures with local or multinational companies can help reduce project costs and risk
  • Niche technology companies can win follow-on contracts after successfully delivering pilot project
  • Larger projects are often put out to tender and Scottish companies can participate in these tenders

Like any international market, doing business in India presents its own specific challenges.

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Success in India: Dryden Aqua

We helped Dryden Aqua access opportunities in India - and the technology developed there has helped the company increase its international presence.

Founder Howard Dryden, says:

"For us, we’re a water treatment company or provide products for the treatment of water. In Europe, even today, 5% of all disease is related to the consumption of drinking water, especially if the water comes from surface water. When you move into countries such as India, then up to 80% of all disease is related to the consumption of the water.

"Any water treatment companies operating in a country have a much bigger opportunity to make a difference.

"India is a great country to be working in. It has really lovely people. It has huge opportunities with a population of 1.3 billion.

"Both Scottish Enterprise and Highland and Islands Enterprise have been very supportive with international exhibitions in India. They’ve helped with the cost involved with that and are also really helping us to network when we’re in the country.

"There are many benefits of doing business in India. It’s a real privilege working in such a country. But there’s a great deal for us to learn from doing business in India which can be translated back into Scotland and the UK.

"So the technology we’re developing in India can be used not only in the UK but many other countries around the world."

Dryden Aqua: Benefits of doing business in India

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