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How Made by Cow’s innovative pasteurising process has helped the company launch a revolutionary ‘almost raw’ milk that aligns with consumer trends.

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By developing an innovative pasteurising technique, Australian company, Made by Cow, launched a cold-pressed ‘almost raw’ milk product which could potentially revolutionise milk production. Since its launch in 2016, the company has quickly grown to become a supplier to 394 retailers across Australia.

Innovative cold-pressed pasteurisation

Although currently illegal to sell raw drinking milk (RDM) within Australia, Made by Cow has overcome restrictions by using a patented, High Pressure Processing (HPP) technology, resulting in an ‘almost raw’ milk which has been approved by Australian food regulators. 

The process involves pasteurising raw milk through cold temperatures, instead of using conventional heat-based techniques. The company claim that this new method eliminates bacteria which can be found in raw milk, but allows the milk to retain its ‘natural goodness’.

The company use a three-stage process to produce its end-product. Made by Cow has a focus on nurturing healthy cows through careful herd management and hygienic milking practices, before processing extracted milk through the HPP method. 

Milking a loophole

Like Australian law, the sale of raw drinking milk (RDM) is currently prohibited in Scotland. Sales are also restricted under laws in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

These regulative measures were introduced to increase food safety, following concerns about RDM carrying harmful bacteria. Made by Cow's product has been approved by the New South Wales Food Authority (Australia), on the basis that its innovative pasteurisation process results in an ‘almost-raw’ milk. 

Aligning with consumer trends

In an age where veganism and opting for ‘free-from’ substitutes are showing growing momentum, consumers are developing increasing ‘grass to glass’ mindfulness about where their foodstuffs are coming from. So, challenges may lie ahead in terms of how milk producers can retain milk-drinkers or encourage exit-consumers to make a ‘return to the dairy side’. 

Made by Cow’s cold-pressed raw milk provides an example of innovation within processing. Its innovative product may enable the company to overcome potential market challenges, as it aligns with mindful consumer trends and fully complies with regulations. 

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