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Industry Leadership Group's refreshed strategy for oil & gas reflects current challenges and aims to maximise opportunities for the sector.

Oil and gas worker in Scotland

Building an efficient, innovative and international oil and gas supply chain is at the heart of a new strategy for the industry in Scotland.

The refreshed strategy, led by the Industry Leadership Group (ILG), has been developed in response to current challenges, including the low oil price, changing commercial and regulatory environments and a maturing North Sea basin with international competition.

Scotland’s oil and gas sector is in a completely different place than it was in 2012 when the original strategy was launched. Collaboration will be key as we focus our efforts around internationalisation and innovation as well as ensuring the supply chain is embedded in everything we do and its technology and capability not only enables optimisation of value from UK production but also maximises the international opportunities to ensure the long-term success of the sector in Scotland.

Melfort Campbell, co-chair, ILG

The strategy aims to secure a successful future for the industry by:

  • Further develop our vibrant oil and gas industry supply chain - driving forward a profitable and competitive sector both at home and supporting worldwide markets and opportunities
  • Achieve a long term, global top three position in terms of innovation and technology development
  • Gain worldwide recognition for 'centres of excellence' in areas such as subsea, asset integrity, digital offshore and decommissioning

The strategy also explores the potential development of a new Oil and Gas Technology Centre and the development of global centres of excellence designed to support Scotland's existing strengths in subsea and well management along with emerging areas like digital offshore and high pressure temperature.

More resilient than ever before

We played a key role in helping the ILG prepare the refreshed strategy, working with the Energy Jobs Taskforce, trade bodies, operators, contractors, SMEs and other stakeholders.

Lena Wilson, our chief executive and chair of the Energy Jobs Taskforce, said:

"Continued investment in Scotland’s oil and gas sector will ensure it remains competitive and attractive for decades to come.

"We will continue to work with the supply chain to deliver the transformational change required to reduce cost, improve efficiency and increase international competitiveness. By capitalising on our strengths, strong leadership and working even closer together I am confident we will come out of this difficult period stronger more resilient than ever before."

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A vision for the future of the industry

The strategy outlines priority areas and outcomes that can help maximise opportunities for the oil and gas industry in Scotland:

  • Supply chain - domestic: for the Scottish supply chain to be a key driver of change and competitiveness in the North Sea
  • Supply chain - international: to enhance our strong global reputation, building on existing areas of strength and developing new ones
  • Innovation: an enhanced focus on key technology priorities and innovative business models to maximise total value added from the sector
  • Invest in success: the development of key onshore infrastructure projects to further build our capacity and to attract investment
  • New opportunities: using our oil and gas skills and knowledge to secure opportunities in other sectors
  • People and skills: to build the strong leadership required to about transformational change in the industry

Focusing on these priority areas will help the ILG achieve its vision for the future of the sector. The strategy states:

"The oil and gas industry will be focused on maximising production from the UKCS and maximising the value it generates for the Scottish and UK economies as a whole.

This strategy, which we committed to refresh in our most recent Programme for Government, builds on these themes, supporting the industry to maintain it global position and to drive forward the changes required to increase growth in international and supply chain sales and production efficiency.

Fergus Ewing, Scotland's Minister for Business, Energy and Tourism and co-chair, ILG

"Our supply chain will experience an entrepreneurial transformation which will result in it being seen as one of the most competitive and efficient in the world, with knowledge developed here in demand around the globe.

"We will be truly renowned for our innovative approach to maximising recovery, keeping our existing strengths while developing new growth opportunities and ensuring that our sector remains anchored here for the long-term"

Playing our part

We're here to help Scotland's supply chain companies overcome current challenges and achieve the ambitious targets set out in the refreshed strategy.

We'll help your company in the key areas that can help our oil and gas industry secure a vibrant future:

Read the ILG's refreshed Oil & Gas Strategy (PDF, 1.4MB)

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