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Scotland's Oil & Gas Innovation Centre (OGIC) brings together the best in industry and academia to help boost the oil and gas sector.

Since launching in February 2014, with £10.6 million from the Scottish Funding Council, OGIC, based at the Innovation Park in Aberdeen, has established itself as a vital bridge between energy businesses and the world-class research capabilities in Scotland’s universities.

OGIC’s aims are simple: to foster, encourage and fund technological innovation and research and development in the oil and gas industry.

Scotland's Oil & Gas Innovation Centre

It provides a single access point to the knowledge and capabilities of Scottish universities. It can part-fund and provide management support to projects with the potential to deliver technology solutions to the exploration, production and decommissioning challenges facing the UK Continental Shelf and assist small and medium sized supply chain companies to identify other public funding sources.

OGIC effectively links more than 2,500 oil and gas operators and service companies to 450 academic staff and researchers in Scotland working in oil and gas related areas.

Standing on the shoulders of giants

If it wasn’t for the innovators and the risk-takers of the past, Scotland wouldn’t have an oil and gas industry. Most people, looking at the North Sea, and wondering how to extract the natural resources lying beneath its crashing waves, would have shaken their heads, given up and gone home. Not Scotland.

Our energy pioneers and practical academics put their heads together to come up with new and workable ways of extracting nature’s bounty from one of the most inhospitable environments on earth, to help heat and light our homes and power the nation’s industries.

Today, as margins narrow and the energy sector faces fresh challenges, a new generation of engineers and academics are already busy solving tomorrow’s problems, and the OGIC team will be with them every step pf the way.

Making the practical, possible

Just as the oil and gas extracted from the earth has to be refined before use, so the technology behinds its extraction has to be refined. It’s no use having a game-changing idea or invention if it can’t be put to practical and profitable use.

That’s where the technical know-how, project management expertise and R&D funding of OGIC comes into play. If you’ve got an idea, we have the expertise to help make it a reality.

Since its launch, OGIC experts, through a series of industry events and workshops, have proactively targeted companies in the oil and gas sector to make them aware of the help available to encourage, fund and refine technological innovation.

Its focus is on technologies that will assist in the recovery of UK reserves, with the main priorities being innovations relating to: improving exploration outcomes; well construction, drilling and completions; enhanced oil recovery; asset integrity and life extension; shale gas exploitation; subsea; product optimisation and decommissioning.

Often, the best ideas come from collaborative working. By building strong links between industry and academia – the practical and the theoretical – we hope to help to unleash a new gold rush for the industry.

Getting their hands dirty

When it comes to the practical application of new ideas, the men and women of the OGIC team are more than happy to roll up their sleeves to help you. Need R&D assistance to make your innovative idea a practical reality? They have the insider knowledge to find the perfect academic partners to help take your product to market.

In an age of online dating, OGIC acts as a practical ‘matchmaker’, linking industry to like-minded universities.

And the support doesn’t end there. Once your new product or service is ready for roll out, OGIC, through its Scottish Development International, Scottish Enterprise and Global Scot partnerships, has the business links and sales and marketing onus to help you go global.

Engineering ambitions

OGIC is already helping oil and gas firms and supply chain companies to source funding and find academic partners for essential research and development and field testing.

Scotland's Oil & Gas Innovation Centre

To date, 100 individual technology businesses have approached OGIC for support, 18 technology innovation projects are currently in discussion and five projects have been approved with the first project now complete.

OGIC chief executive Ian Phillips said: 

“The drop in the oil price has cast challenges facing the industry into sharp relief, increasing the need for us to work smarter and more efficiently. Technological innovation will be key to maximising the recovery of reserves and by accelerating the development of near to market technologies we aim to support innovations that cumulatively address the exploration, production and decommissioning challenges in the North Sea.

“By supporting collaboration between SMEs and the academic resources that exist in Scotland we can accelerate the delivery of new technologies to market.”

It’s a lOGICal decision…

From big, game-changing ideas, to small, genius innovations, OGIC can help shape and develop your engineering ambitions.

If you’ve got the ideas, OGIC has the expertise and contacts to make them a reality:

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