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Insights into opportunities in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania markets and support to help you do business in the Baltic states region.

Panoramic view of San Olaf church, Tallinn, Estonia
Panoramic view of San Olaf church, Tallinn, Estonia

With fewer than 7 million people, the Baltic states may not be the obvious export market. With historic strong trading links with the rest of Europe and business friendly environment, potential opportunities should not be overlooked.

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The three Baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia regained their independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, and joined the EU in 2004. Their proximity to Russia's growing consumer market on one side and Germany and the rest of Europe on the other, makes it an ideal starter market for Scottish companies new to exporting.

It's also relatively easy to do business there with a developed infrastructure, a highly educated and multilingual workforce, as well as relatively low office rental costs to help you get a foothold in the market.

Key sector opportunities

  • Energy – new power plants in Latvia and Lithuania, renovation of electricity transmission grid, cogeneration, renewable energy, energy efficiency projects, microgeneration, energy measuring gadgets, CO2 collecting and storing technologies 
  • Education – there is substantial funding to support training opportunities in Lithuania
  • Biotechnology – R&D partnering opportunities in Latvia and Lithuania
  • Shared services and business process outsourcing (BPO)
  • Environment – equipment and technologies, waste management, energy from waste, landfills and sorting facilities
  • Transport infrastructure – development of airports, transit development through ports and other links, modernisation of rail transport system, development of the state road traffic networks 
  • Other sectors – engineering, chemicals, ICT, textiles, food, tourism and leisure

Getting the right support

Want to sell into the EU?

Follow these 10 steps:

  1. Why trade with the EU?
  2. Get ready to export
  3. Find the right market
  4. Routes to market
  5. Visit markets
  6. Logistics
  7. Get your pricing right
  8. Sales and marketing
  9. Selling online
  10. Make an export plan

We can help Scottish companies take full advantage of these export opportunities, and attract potential foreign direct investment into Scotland.

Our support can help you learn more about:

  • Start-up considerations and routes to market
  • The region’s growth potential and Scotland’s trade links
  • Opportunities in the region, real-time
  • Potential hurdles of doing business in the region
  • Legal, tax and customs considerations

Our Copenhagen office supports Scottish businesses in setting up and growing their exports in the Baltic states – Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

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