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Use of resources, waste management and transport can all impact on your company's profits.

Even taking small steps to improve efficiency can make Scottish firms more competitive and more profitable.

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Get the knowledge to reduce costs and boost profits
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Scottish Enterprise can help companies like yours increase efficiency and profits. We want to help you develop your knowledge of doing business more efficiently. 

We've got a range of resources available, including: 

  • Case studies to help your learn from other successful Scottish firms 
  • Guides to opportunities in Scotland and beyond for innovative, efficient companies 
  • A dedicated team of sustainability specialists on hand to help your company reduce costs and increase profits 

And we know improving your business efficiency works: 

  • £1000 of efficiency savings is estimated to be equal to £10,000 worth of sales 
  • In 2012 we helped 421 Scottish companies identify over £80 million worth of efficiency savings 

Isn't it time your company grew through improved efficiency? 

Start building your knowledge of business efficiency