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Innovation drives growth, provides new solutions and will help make your company more efficient. Find out how we can help you make the most of innovation in your business.

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The importance of innovation for global success
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Unless you’re constantly changing, evolving and innovating the products and services that you offer, you’ll become irrelevant very quickly. 

Scotland has a great reputation for creative business solutions and thinking outside of the box. Our international reputation in engineering, for example, thrives on our commitment to research and find novel solutions to stay ahead.

Small change, big difference

In this video, Scotland's business thought leaders discuss how they've incorporated innovation into their ventures.

Innovation is integral to business performance. In rapidly-changing industries such as healthcare, there’s a necessity to stay ahead of the competitors. According to Ian Walker of Johnson and Johnson, “to grow as a commercial organisation, we’ve absolutely got to embrace the new R & D, the new inventions and absolutely commercialise them”.

Innovation is key to business. I think if you stand still, you will perish. Scots have a great reputation of being great innovators. Thinking outside of the box and being innovative really gave us a reputation in the world; especially in engineering... it’s in our DNA.

Lord Haughey, City Refrigeration Hnewings UK Ltd

Weber Shandwick has found global success through creating a culture of innovation – nurturing brainstorming sessions, 'think-tanks' and exchange of ideas between its offices around the world.

In an increasingly globalised, connected and competitive world – it’s the little things that make the difference. Sunil Kant Munjal of Hero Motocore believes that realising and meeting the needs of your customers through original ideas and products will “make a difference to any business – otherwise, you’re just an also-ran”.

Innovation drives growth, provides new solutions and will help make your company more efficient. With an incredibly strong UK research base and some of the world’s leading universities – it’s one of the things that sets Scotland apart: our ability to innovate.

How we can help

We’re committed to bright ideas. And we offer independent, insightful advice to companies looking to take their offering further. Whether you’re looking to restructure, develop more efficient processes or explore opportunities in a new market, our innovation specialists are on-hand to help.

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