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Our Environmental management and low carbon policy supports our work to promote and deliver the economic benefits of a low carbon economy.

Scottish Enterprise's Environmental management and low carbon policy covers both our internal environmental management and our wider work supporting the development of the low carbon economy.   

A low carbon vision 

Our low carbon vision states: 

We have ambitions to be a recognised leader, both within Scotland and beyond, supporting the Government’s overall purpose of stimulating sustainable economic growth. For our internal operations, we want to be recognised as an environmentally responsible organisation. We will achieve this by reducing our carbon emissions and by working with others to share good practice. 

We can realise this vision through our unique role by: 

  • Advocating the benefits of the low carbon economy through our influence on investors, businesses and policymakers
  • Offering a portfolio of services to businesses that promote low carbon opportunities through financial and infrastructure investment, innovation, business support, research and good practice case studies 

Our low carbon policy objectives 

Our low carbon objectives will benefit the Scottish economy and reduce carbon emissions: 

  • Identify, research and promote opportunities to support the development of low carbon technologies, services, products and processes 
  • Increase company profits by supporting productivity improvements, with a focus on innovation, resource efficiency and promoting ‘circular economy’ models 
  • Influence our stakeholders to help develop a low carbon Scottish economy 
  • Reduce our own carbon emissions 

Our Environmental management and low carbon policy (PDF, 20.5Kb)

Our Low Carbon Implementation Plan provides more information about our work in low carbon priority areas and across all of our activities.

Scottish Enterprise Climate Change Reports

The Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 places duties on public bodies relating to climate change. Further to the Act, the Scottish Government introduced an Order requiring all public bodies to report annually to Scottish Ministers on their compliance with the climate change duties. 

Download the Scottish Enterprise Climate Change Reports from the Keep Scotland Beautiful website