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The National Plan for Industrial Biotechnology aims to transform the competitiveness and sustainability of multiple industries in Scotland, which will grow industrial biotechnology-related turnover.

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Scotland's national strategy aims to:

  • Grow industrial biotechnology related turnover to £900m by 2025
  • Increase the number of IB-using companies to 200.

Key achievements - two years on

Much has been achieved over the past two years since the launch of the National Plan for Industrial Biotechnology in 2013, particularly around the impact of Industrial Biotechnology (IB) in growing the Scottish economy.

Our achievements have included:

  • 18% increase in turnover to £230m, exceeding target by £30m
  • 50+ companies in the IB sector
  • £10m IBioIC opened - Scottish Innovation Centre for Industrial Biotechnology
  • Opening of Scotland's first biorefinery
  • Industrial biotechnology Msc and Phd programmes developed
  • £2.8m invested in open access equipment centres
  • With strong progress over the past two years, our report highlights notable achievements and points ahead to the targets set for 2025.

    Read Scotland's national plan for industrial biotechnology progress report (pdf,1.09 MB)

    A reminder of Scotland's strengths:

    • Ample natural resources and feedstocks
    • Industrial leadership groups
    • Academic and research excellence
    • Industrial competitiveness via large and diverse chemicals sector
    • International competitiveness
    • Skills

    We're committed to supporting Scotland's chemicals industry by providing a range of services and resources to help Scottish firms.

    Our support for Scotland's chemicals industry

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