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Datafest19: The Scottish data event all businesses need to go to

Datafest19: The Scottish data event all businesses need to go to

It’s do or die when it comes to business growth and data in Scotland. If you’re already doing it, you can always do it better. If you’re not doing it, you need to roll up your sleeves and start now, because over the next five years data is worth an estimated £20 billion to the Scottish economy. Wherever you are on your data journey, Datafest19 is the place to understand how the data network in Scotland can help your business grow. Here’s a roundup of the highlights for 2019.

Why go to Scotland's Datafest19?

Datafest19 is the UK’s first two-week festival of data events and data insight open to all. In its third year this year, it runs from March 11 to March 22, and it’s devoted to the ins and outs, and the whys and hows of using data effectively. It’s two weeks of networking opportunities that plug you into the very heart of the data scene, both in Scotland and internationally. The data insights you'll be able to pick up across both weeks are invaluable, with events bulging at the seams with the brightest data experts, specialists and data thought leaders.

“Embracing digital transformation is critical for any ambitious company. Companies who are harnessing the value of data to make better decisions and deliver more value for their customers are becoming more and more successful. DataFest19 offers companies a fantastic opportunity to find out more about what it takes to be a truly data driven innovative company, to learn from experts in the field, and exchange experiences with like-minded businesses. Choosing to attend DataFest is probably one of the most important decisions you can make to ensure future success for your business.” – Sector Director - Digital Technology and Sector Delivery

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Datafest19: much more than a festival

Datafest19 opens doors to a network of data support, advise and partnership opportunities. Gillian Docherty, one of the most influential data scientists in the UK, and The Data Lab CEO, who pulls together Datafest says:

“Our mission is to help Scotland maximise its data potential. Alongside helping industry and public sector organisations collaborate with Scotland’s world-leading academics in data science and artificial intelligence, we help develop a strong pipeline of data scientists and other essential skills through our education programmes. We also support and help grow the data science community in Scotland by organising a series of activities and events, such as DataFest. We also build the communities that connect local industry and public sector organisations with the researchers and data scientists who can help them.”

There are five key flagship events and one whopping Datafest Fringe Event, jammed with experts and keynote speakers, with opportunities to interact, learn and network. Datafest19’s key theme this year is all about doing data together and collaborating, so partnership building, to enhance business opportunities, is central to each event. 

Datafest19 highlights

Data Summit

Assembly Rooms Edinburgh: 21 & 22 March 2019

The Assembly Rooms is going to be packed full of business data stories – both successful and those that didn’t quite hit the mark. This will allow you to build-on, and learn from other organisations, so you can take away the good processes and do away with the poor ones. This two-day event will see key speakers including: tech evangelist and one of Forbes' top 50 women in tech, Dr Susan Black, Harvard Data Science Review Associate Editor, Dr Liberty Vittert, and Facebook whistleblower, Christopher Wylie.

Over the two days speaker themes will include:

  • Data in Action – how international data leaders use their data day-to-day to inform business strategy
  • Future of Work and Skills – how machine-learning, artificial intelligence (AI) and data science are changing the workforce
  • Ethics and Public Engagement – What are the practicalities of data and ethics and how companies implement them into business growth strategies

Data Talent Scotland

Hilton House, Glasgow: 19 March 2019

This event is the place for businesses to link up with Scottish data talent. Companies will network and hear from Scotland’s leading data leaders, professionals and researchers.

Throughout the day you’ll get to hear about innovative data projects, learn from skills workshops and have plenty of time to network and discover the right data science talent for your business.

Data Tech

National Museum of Scotland: 14 March 2019

New to this year’s Datafest – Data Tech is being held so that industry, academia and the public sector get the chance to share technical expertise.

It’s a platform for businesses to hear about emerging research in data science and the place for people to network, form collaborations and knowledge sharing practices.

Women in Data Science

National Museum of Scotland: 11 March 2019

This event is set to inspire the Scottish female data scientists of the future. It's part of the global Women in Data Science initiative by Stanford University and celebrates women, tech and code-breaking.

Headliners giving inspirational talks on the day include the brilliant Dr Hannah Fry, mathematician, science presenter, author and a major figure in data science. 

Data Fringe

Across Scotland: 11 – 22 March 2019

The Fringe is full of data events and the theme that threads through each is collaboration. Collaborating across disciplines and sectors is a key element towards data driven innovation for all Scottish businesses.

Datafest19 and Scotland’s data ecosystem are keen to enable collaboration between academics, data practitioners, students, public sector and business specialists. This collaborative thinking is going to be hugely beneficial to companies.

The 2019 Fringe programme aims to kick-start their collaboration agenda with events that include hackathons, meetups, workshops, debates and training programmes.

Data Fringe Highlights

Here are some highlights of the Fringe, hot topics include AI, machine learning and the internet of things:

There are so many more Datafest Fringe events. Our advice? Explore for yourself. See what fits your needs best. But most of all get out and meet the great people who can help your business grow. See you all at Datafest19.

To keep your company competitive, visit Datafest19 for data insight, data talent spotting, and collaborative data partnership opportunities. Don't let data innovation pass you by.