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60 seconds with senior leaders: meet the alumni of Principally Women

60 seconds with senior leaders: meet the alumni of Principally Women

We’ve been running our Principally Women programme since 2018. Some incredible leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators have taken part. We spoke to a few of them to find out how Principally Women has impacted their careers and, in some cases, their lives.

Four years of Principally Women

Our Principally Women programme is about to complete its fourth year. While there are many programmes aimed at supporting women in business, what makes Principally Women unique is that it doesn’t simply look to build skills. Instead, it aims to foster and encourage personal and professional growth, along with the practical and personal skills needed to scale. Even more than this, our past and present members have said Principally Women creates a community where skills, knowledge and experiences can be shared, and support can be found – both during the programme and afterwards.

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Seven stories in seven minutes

There are between 12 and 15 women on each cohort of the programme, and in recent years we’ve had multiple cohorts in various areas across Scotland. This means that dozens of leaders have come through the Principally Women doors since it began, and each has had a unique experience. 

We asked a selection of past and present members to share what Principally Women was like for them, their experience as a female leader, and their advice for other women in business.

Our other programmes

At Scottish Enterprise we also support several other female-focused business programmes, including Investing Women and Mint Ventures.

Investing Women is a female-led angel investment syndicate that focuses on bringing more women into investing. We are currently contributing funding to increase the reach of its associated AccelerateHER* support programme, which provides access to the vibrant Accelerate HER community, as well as its world-class international market building missions, growth-focused skills training and mentoring with selected investors from the Investing Women network.

Visit the Investing Women website to learn more

Mint Ventures is a new women-led angel investment club and network. We’ve recently contributed funding to help the firm run a series of regional roadshows that aim to encourage more women to become angel investors, as well as helping women-led companies access investment. These will form part of a programme of awareness events that will run across the UK.

Visit the Mint Ventures website for more information






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