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Whittaker Engineering get work with key contractor in Mexico after specialist support

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Whittaker Engineering gets work with key contractor in Mexico

The Scottish Enterprise Research Service’s specialist oil and gas resources have helped Whittaker Engineering identify the main contractors working in the sector in Mexico.

The family-run business from Stonehaven has operated a subsidiary in Mexico since 2009. Using the bespoke information provided by our researcher Kathryn, Whittaker Engineering has improved its portfolio of potential projects. 

It's also recently secured work with a larger contractor to support the end client, Pemex.

Quick, quality information

According to Murray Whittaker, Director of Projects UK & Mexico, “the data supplied by the Scottish Enterprise Research Service has been extremely valuable to our business, the information is accurate and reliable.

“The turn around time and service was great with all the data received within seven days of the request, backed up with a phone call to clarify the request.

“It's a really fantastic service, we will use it again.”

International sales growth workshop

Whittaker Engineering met our researcher Kathryn during a presentation at an international sales growth workshop where the company identified the need to seek out information on upcoming key oil and gas projects in Mexico.

After an informal chat at the event, Kathryn set up a Skype screen-sharing demonstration to showcase specialist oil and gas resources, including GlobalData. This allowed Whittaker Engineering to see first-hand the information available.

New opportunities

Whittaker Engineering is continuing to develop their business in Mexico. With the support of our research team, they're monitoring oil and gas contracts in the region in search of the best opportunities.

Read more about the company on the Whittaker Engineering website

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