Freedom of Information releases

West Edinburgh Spatial Strategy for Inclusive Growth (WE-SSIG) study

WE-SSIG Study: FOI response (reference 4928 )

Date received

5 October 2021

Date responded

2 November 2021

Information requested

We have been instructed by our client, West Craigs Limited, to make a request for information which we understand you hold.

Our client’s request may involve information which relates to development of land, and thus is a request for “environmental information” within the meaning of the Regulations. If any of the information requested is not “environmental information” please treat the request for such information as a request in accordance with the FOISA.

We refer to the West Edinburgh Spatial Strategy for Inclusive Growth (“WE-SSIG”) study commissioned by Scottish Enterprise and others. We understand that a Report on Phase 1 of the WE-SSIG study has now been issued. Our client seeks a copy of the report on Phase 1 of the WE-SSIG.

We note that precedents from the Scottish Information Commissioner and Regulation 10(2) of the Regulations require that a restrictive approach be taken in determining whether information is “in the course of completion”.


The Phase 1 report is in the public domain and can be accessed from Edinburgh Council's website.

As this information is publicly available, it is exempt under Section 25 of FOISA. This recognises that where information is publicly available, there is no need to provide an alternative right of access to it through FOISA.

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