Our business plan

How we will deliver

How we will deliver

We’re changing the way we support businesses. Our business plan 2021-22 sets out how we’re improving our people’s skills and expertise in adopting more digital ways of doing business and using data and insights to improve our services. We're working harder to partner with the private and public sector to deliver better, more cost-effective services for Scotland.

How we will deliver in 2021-22

Working with partners 

Working in collaboration with others has never been more important. An innovation-led approach to recovery and growth will require strong partnership working. Scottish Enterprise will work with academic, private and public sector partners to deliver additional value for Scotland.

Of critical importance will be the partnership we forge with the recently established Scottish National Investment Bank. We'll continue to provide patient capital investment to early stage companies, while working alongside the bank to collectively deliver complementary investment activities that will support the biggest impact for companies and the economy.

We will also align our focus, planning and actions as regional partners develop their regional plans.

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Better, more cost-effective services

Close partnership working is also important if we want to deliver better and more cost-effective services. We remain committed to cross-agency collaboration in line with the ambitions of the Enterprise and Skills Strategic Board’s Strategic Plan.

In the coming year, we will work with the other enterprise and skills agencies to continue to deliver shared services and collaborative activities, including the management and delivery of the shared Enterprise IS (EIS) and Internal Audit services. We further commit to jointly explore opportunities to expand cross-agency shared services and collaborative working where practicable and beneficial to do so.

Planning for success

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