Our business plan

Supporting businesses and places

Supporting businesses and places

Our business plan for 2021-22 sets out how we'll work with partners to build vibrant economic communities across Scotland, build Scotland's reach and reputation, and work with businesses to build resilience and growth and develop future economic opportunities.

Getting behind businesses and places. Our business plan 2021-22 builds on the strategic approach set out by the Scottish Government in: 

It also reflects the Interim Guidance Letter (PDF, 185kB) issued by the Cabinet Secretary for Economy, Fair Work and Culture.



Building vibrant economic communities 

Scotland’s economic needs and opportunities vary from region to region.

We'll work with regional partners to support regions and their businesses. We'll help them adapt to and take advantage of economic opportunities, building vibrant economic communities across Scotland, spreading increased wealth and wellbeing. 

Working with companies and supporting business communities

Strong, growing businesses are essential for thriving regional economies, supporting local communities and jobs. We'll continue to play our part to support business resilience, business growth and support the transition of businesses across Scotland.

We're working with public sector partners to expand Find Business Support, so that businesses can easily access relevant business advice and support from across the public sector, regardless of location. This will help companies navigate the landscape, ensuring they can more easily find the right advice and support.

Support for high growth entrepreneurs, start-ups and spins-outs is still a key element of our work. We'll nurture the companies of the future, who have the potential to develop transformational products and services and create more jobs. Making entrepreneurship more inclusive will ensure we support entrepreneurial talent and widen participation from key under-represented groups such as women and young people.

We understand we need a vibrant and diverse funding market to support companies, so we'll continue our efforts to develop and grow the risk capital market in Scotland. We'll continue to invest in the early stage market where public intervention is needed most, supporting some of Scotland’s most ambitious and high growth businesses.

Strategic place initiatives

We'll focus particular attention on those areas identified by the Scottish Government as needing the most support for their recovery - Glasgow and Clyde, Ayrshire, and the North East. We'll work alongside local authorities and other partners to align regional needs with our national and international priorities.

We'll collaborate with partners, including local authorities and Business Gateway, to deliver regional Business Support Partnerships in these targeted areas and support regional company growth pilots.

We'll continue to support regional partners, offering our expertise and investing in strategic sites. Our support will help to transform places, building concentrations of assets, supporting Scotland’s economic recovery in a way that promotes long term sustainability. This partnership work will make the most of opportunities for people and places from the projects we support.

SECC Hydro, Glasgow

Building Scotland’s reputation and reach

Scotland’s international competitiveness is central to economic recovery. The Scottish Government has set out its priority areas in: 

We have a significant role to play in delivering the priorities set out in these plans, helping deliver our ambitions around jobs, net zero and place.

Building resilience and growth

We've supported businesses and sectors throughout the pandemic and we'll continue to provide that where needed, but our focus is on recovery. We must work with businesses to withstand future shocks and build their capacity and capability to adapt to new opportunities and business models.

We'll provide effective support to more businesses by simplifying our service delivery, working alongside partners. We also need to focus on the broader economic objectives we want to achieve, around creating and retaining good jobs, the shift to net zero and benefiting places across Scotland.

To help us do this, our delivery model needs to be more flexible, ensuring we can respond to different economic circumstances, opportunities and threats, regionally, nationally and internationally.

Building future economic opportunities

Alongside supporting resilience and growth, it's also critical that we look towards Scotland’s long-term success, building future economic opportunities that will drive our international advantage.

This will require a strong focus on future economic opportunities where Scotland has a competitive advantage, stimulating investment in a green, innovation-led recovery: net zero, enhanced health and wellbeing, the accelerated use of digital and advanced manufacturing.

Case studies

Read more about how we're getting behind businesses and places.

LumiraDx: £78 million investment

Life sciences giant LumiraDx has announced a £78 million investment in its Scottish operations which could see up to 750 jobs created over the next three years.

Arcola Energy Ltd: 135 jobs to Dundee

Hydrogen technology company Arcola Energy Ltd will bring up to 135 jobs to the former Michelin site in Dundee over a three-year period.

Emergency One: world's first electric fire engine

Supported by Scottish Enterprise, the company is poised to target international markets with a new net zero emergency vehicle. 

Xergy: tech start-up funding

Xergy secures a £425,000 grant from Scottish Enterprise for a cloud-based system that can help companies get ready for digital transformation.