Prepare for Brexit

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Prepare your business for Brexit

Confused about where Brexit might be heading? You're not alone. Whatever your business size, location, or sector, we'll support you to take the necessary action to safeguard your business growth.

Anticipate. Plan. Adapt.

Scotland’s enterprise and skills agencies are working together to help businesses across Scotland overcome the challenges posed by Brexit.


Step 1

Know how Brexit will impact your business?

Take a free self-assessment on the PrepareForBrexit.scot website. Then, download your tailored guide on things to consider to prepare your business for possible Brexit scenarios. It takes around 6 minutes to complete.

Get access to the latest Brexit resources, advice, events and funding to help you develop your plans.

"The self-assessment tool highlights some important questions which businesses must address. Coupled with important information on where companies can turn for support. And, important announcements which businesses must review." - Kevin Shakespeare, Institute of Export

Start your Brexit self-assessment


Step 2

Take action now to secure your supply chain

To help mitigate the risks there are certain actions businesses need to take now.

We've identified six actions you need to do immediately in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Read our 2-minute guide on the PrepareforBrexit.scot website

Worried about the impact of Brexit on your supply chain? Be resilient. Know your options and plan ahead with our help.

More on Brexit impacts on supply chain


Step 3

Struggling with the costs of preparing for Brexit?

Our Brexit Support Grant could provide £2k up to £4K to help your business manage a wide range of Brexit impacts.

Find out if you're eligible, what the grant can be used for and how to apply.

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Training and IT grants are also available to help you prepare for customs procedures and checks after Brexit. 

Closing date for applications is 31 May 2019.

Read full details and apply

Got a Brexit planning question?

Get in touch with our experts for the latest on Brexit, its impact on Scottish businesses, and how we can help you navigate potential challenges.