Selling into the USA

Growing Scotland's trade with the USA

The USA’s size alone – spanning four time zones, 50 states and vast cultural differences across regions – means it has to be treated as a series of regional markets, with difference characteristics and business practices. 

How we can help

We can bring you market intelligence on the ground. Backed by the support of our GlobalScots network and trade experts based in Boston, Chicago, Houston, New York and San Jose, we’ll ensure your business can take full advantage of the enormous opportunities across all States.

Discover which US states offer the best opportunities for your company, and get practical tips and guidance to help you set up, grow and develop your business in the USA.

With support from our partners, Scottish North American Business Council (SNABC), the Council of American States in Europe (CASE) and the US Consulate General in Edinburgh, we'll offer you valuable insights into the USA’s market potential and access to their extended networks for advice and support.

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The logical next step

"Americans have a lot of history with Scotland and that’s something they really enjoy hearing about." Michael Corrigan, co-founder of innovative travel pillow company TRTL, shares his experience of exporting to the USA.

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USA opportunities

Find out if there's demand for your product or service in the USA

Search and apply for opportunities by country on the UK Government's website and sign up for tailored email alerts.

Search USA opportunities on the exporting is GOV.UK website

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Research and prioritise markets

An insider's guide to the USA

GlobalScot, Bob Dewar, explains why the USA continues to be an attractive destination for Scottish business.

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USA market trends and insights

Save time, money and effort by getting in touch with our dedicated market research team who can help you delve deeper into US market trends, customer behaviour and competitor activity.

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How well do you know your market?

With around 16% of Scotland's exports entering the States, the USA continues to be our top international trading partner, and worth £4.6 billion. 

Want to find out more about doing business in the USA? The Department for International Trade offers a comprehensive online guide:

Get your USA guide on the GOV.UK website

If you've explored this guide but still need answers, then get in touch with our export advisers.

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How to reduce risk

Patents and legal requirements

Protecting and commercialising innovations can be challenging in the US – particularly with differing legal requirements. GlobalScot, Daniel Glazer, shares his tips to manage your intellectual assets effectively.

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What investors really look for

Susan Preston, renowned US angel investor, offers an investor's perspective on how businesses can prepare themselves to pitch effectively to potential investors.

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Skills and training

Get ready to do business in the USA

Learn how to fully prepare your business for investment and expansion in USA markets. Get practical advice from our leading trade experts to help you develop an export plan for success. 

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Save time by learning online

Make your export journey less risky, more profitable and more sustainable with ExportSavvy – an online step-by-step guide to develop the right skills and know-how to grow your business abroad.

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