European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC)

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Facilities at EMEC

EMEC operates out of five sites across Orkney. At the full-scale test sites there are subsea cables which run from each test berth at sea to a substation onshore where they meet the UK national grid. 

They also operate two scale test sites for testing smaller scale devices in less challenging conditions than those experienced at the full-scale test sites. 

These scale sites include berths with moorings, foundations for wave and tidal devices, specially designed test support buoys for electricity dissipation and remote communications with the device, and an area of seabed for rehearsal of deployment techniques. 


  • Coastal 11kV control and switching stations 
  • All berths UK grid connected 
  •  Metered power output from test devices 
  • Comprehensive SCADA system (supervisory control and data acquisition) 
  • Data transfer by fibre optic cables to allow remote access 
  • Wave, tidal and environmental baseline data collection 
  • MET stations calibrated to national standards 
  • Full confidentiality of data 
  • CCTV monitoring