Co-create solutions with customers

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Are you eligible?

You need to be based in Scotland or planning to set up in Scotland to be eligible. Applications from all industries are welcome.  

About your project

Your project must represent a significant innovation for the company concerned and significant risks should be associated with the challenge of developing a new product, process or service.

It’s got to be new. We don’t support projects where the work has already started or commercial contracts are in place. 

We’ll need to understand why you need our support to make this activity happen, as well as what might happen anyway if support isn't available. 

A potential customer must provide evidence, for example a letter, that it is committed to negotiating a contract, with respect only to the R&D project, that will govern its contribution of a minimum of 20% of the total R&D project costs. 

The potential customer contribution may be in cash or cash equivalent of, for example, staff time. 

Ultimately, we will need to see a signed contract before any official grant award is made. 

Selection process

The selection process will take into account: 

  • The nature of the R&D 
  • The creation or safeguarding of R&D jobs 
  • Links into other local companies, perhaps for materials or specialist knowledge 
  • Global market opportunity 
  • Intellectual property 
  • The wider impact for society, including factors such as environmental impact, sustainability and health and safety. We will not support projects that will have an adverse effect on the environment and/or society. 

You must also demonstrate that: 

  • There are good commercial prospects for the end product, process or service, with realistic and effective routes to market. Evidence of potential commercial interest would be beneficial. In a Seek & Solve project, the involvement of a potential customer demonstrates much of this. 
  • You have the management and technical expertise and resources, either in-house or brought-in, to make the project a success. Seek & Solve aims to help grow Scotland’s business R&D capacity, so it cannot support projects where the majority of the R&D activity is being undertaken by third parties.
  • Financial assistance under Seek & Solve is essential, and both the project and the business are financially viable

What's involved?