Get EU funding for low carbon energy projects

The Scottish European Green Energy Centre (SEGEC) helps Scottish organisations to secure funding from the EU for low carbon energy projects in Scotland. European funding is complex, and we look for new market opportunities and research the best ways to access it, saving you time and resource in what can be an elaborate project proposal and bid process.

We look at four areas:

  • Ocean energy
  • Offshore wind
  • Grids (including energy storage technologies)
  • Energy efficiency

SEGEC is about more than just funding, though. Many projects require additional partners, so we also help companies to collaborate on projects. Whether that's identifying partners for private funding, additional technology, research expertise, or access to the market, we've got the knowledge and the contacts to give your project the best chance of success.

We also work with platforms, groups and forums at EU level to influence the content of future funding calls, to increase the likelihood that projects that are not yet eligible for existing funding packages might get the opportunity in the future.  

See how we helped with the bid process for a major offshore wind development project:

EOWDC case study