Fund R&D projects and feasibility studies

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Are you eligible?

Your company must be:

Your project must exhibit:

  • An advance in technological innovation for the UK industry or sector concerned
  • The technical risks and challenges associated with defining and developing the technology

You must be able to demonstrate:

  • That you own, or have rights to exploit, the intellectual property required to undertake the project
  • All intellectual property developed throughout the project will be owned by the company receiving grant funding
  • How commercial prospects for the end product or process will be achieved, with realistic and effective routes to market
  • That you have the necessary management and technical expertise and resources (either in-house or brought-in) to make the project a success
  • That both the project and the business are financially viable
  • That financial assistance from SMART: SCOTLAND is essential

Is it essential that a patent arises from the project?

No. Many inventions are protected by patent but this is not the only way to protect intellectual property (IP). Our assessment process does, however, include a patent search to determine the level of innovation and identify any prior art.

While patent protection isn't essential, it is essential that you demonstrate that you will own all IP generated through the project. You'll also need to tell us of how you will protect that IP. If you need assistance with IP, please contact our Intellectual Assets Team.

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