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Is your company interested in emerging supply chain opportunities in the global marine energy supply chain?

The opportunities are certainly there.

The global marine energy industry is set for significant growth over the coming years - and Scotland has secured its place at the forefront of developments.

That means Scottish suppliers are well-positioned to seize a clear competitive advantage in the emerging supply chain, both at home and in markets around the world.

We're committed to supporting the development of the marine energy sector in Scotland. And to helping Scottish-based companies win business on domestic and overseas projects.

Our marine energy supply chain expert support programme aims at building a strong Scottish supply chain, equipped to take advantage of these growing opportunities.

We're here to help businesses like yours gain an early understanding of supply chain requirements, so you can develop the right capabilities.

Our programme can offer your company up to two full days of free, one-to-one advice and guidance about diversifying your business into the marine energy sector.

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What's involved?

The free programme is delivered by marine energy experts. Their advice could focus on:

  • Market entry requirements
  • Your company’s current capabilities (eg skills and processes) and its potential in relation to current and emerging marine energy opportunities
  • Suitability of a specific product to the sector
  • Market/supply chain positioning and contacts

We'll help you identify and explore revenue streams for your business, including a review of the most appropriate and effective routes forward.

And we'll help you create an action plan for your company, detailing key milestones to help your company achieve its marine energy ambitions.

Applications must be received by Friday 12 May 2017.

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