Workplace innovation fund

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What can I use it for?

Projects must be new, and centred around two of the three themes of 'people, place and practice'.

Due to the bespoke, tailored nature of this intervention, there is no prescriptive list of eligible activity. 

Typical project costs may include: 

  • Training for staff involved in technology integration projects
  • Commisioning an assessment of current leadership and organisational culture
  • Identification and development of internal potential future leaders
  • Commissioning a feasibility study to support culture changing through creative re-design of existing workspace and introduction of technology
  • Strategy development consultancy fees
  • Salaries for temporary HR or training specialist support
  • Costs for trainers

Activities not eligible for the fund:

  • Capital expenditure costs, including ICT hardware and furniture
  • Physical workplace resources
  • Software and licence costs e.g. a CRM system
  • Funding for individual career development
  • Funding for core business activities such as permanent salary costs and recruitment costs
  • Training for staff which is not linked to a larger project
  • Funding towards an accreditation e.g. ISO accreditation

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