Communicating to an international audience

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What's involved?

DIT’s Export Communications Review will provide you with impartial and objective advice on language and cultural issues to help you improve your competitiveness in existing and future export markets.

It will enable your business maximise the effectiveness of your communications with overseas customers, such as:


  • Does your website directly target international customers?
  • Can international customers understand the products and services you’re offering?
  • Is your website optimised for searches conducted abroad?
  • Are you aware of local on-line competition?
  • Do you use on-line social and business networking in other countries?
  • Can you answer enquiries arising from your website in other languages?

Written and spoken communications

  • Are your administrative processes, marketing materials and customer service geared to the needs of overseas customers, including agents and distributors?

Language training

  • Do you know how to meet your language training needs in the UK and recruitment of export staff with language capability?

Translation and interpretation

  • Do you know where to go to find translation and interpreting services and how to get the best out of these services?

Overseas trade shows and exhibitions

  • How do you prepare to handle different languages at overseas trade shows or exhibitions?

The Export Communications Review can help you answer these questions and provide you with a series of recommendations aimed at improving your company’s export communications.

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