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Your company has performed well in the UK market, but to remain competitive and increase sales, you might need to look outside Scotland.  

Preparation is key to trading successfully overseas.

There are many things to consider before your company enters new markets and preparing properly can help you achieve the results you want.

Our Preparing to Export programme includes two courses tailored to different stages of export development – from novice to more experienced exporters. 

Fast-track your skills – come along to an introductory workshop

If you're completely new to exporting our introductory programme is a good place to start.

The introductory workshop is seminar-based and is normally held over two days with regular dates throughout Scotland. 

Introductory content covers:

  • Market analysis
  • Market entry
  • International finance, contracts and logistics

To help you decide if the introductory level is right for you, see full details of the module content and learning outcomes

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How Karen Strickland, Technical Manager at Braehead Foods benefited from attending our introductory programme:  

The workshop was really good and I learned a lot from it. I also met a lot of good people who we have made contact with again.The workshop was very informative and answered a lot of questions for us, but also highlighted a lot of things we hadn’t thought about before. We're looking forward to putting everything we learned into practice.

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