Agile and self-powered public space CCTV cameras

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In order to work with key partners to reduce crime and anti-social behaviour, South Ayrshire Council requires a responsive and flexible public space CCTV solution.

The council's current CCTV system has been in place for more than 20 years. It needs to work with partners to develop a single system with flexible cameras to tackle issues such as crime and public safety.

To achieve this, the council are seeking an innovative CCTV camera solution that combines self-contained power with flexible attachment mechanisms, and which provides effective transmission.

South Ayrshire Council want a CCTV camera solution that:

  • Isn’t restricted or limited on the basis of power supply
  • Can be easily attached to a wide-variety of surfaces
  • Will allow CCTV operators to view effective moving images

The system should be self-powered, suitable for many different surfaces and not reliant on aerial platform vehicles or specialist fitting. This adaptable approach will meet the requirements of the forthcoming changes to the Global Data Protection Regulations.

Organisations can apply for a share of up to £150,000 to develop solutions that will improve South Ayrshire Council’s (SAC) public space CCTV operation.

Register and apply for the competition on the website

  • Competition opens: Monday 8 January 2018
  • Registration closes: Wednesday 14 March 2018 at midday

You can find answers to questions that have been submitted to this challenge in the Q&A document.

A briefing event was held on 2nd February 2018 where an overview of the CAN DO Innovation Challenge Fund and SBRI process was provided along with a presentation from James Andrew (Coordinator of Change and Improvement at South Ayrshire Council) on the agile and self-powered public space CCTV
challenge. Download the presentation here (PDF, 1.69 MB)

Download Q&As for the South Ayrshire Council challenge (PDF, 358KB)