Alternative comminution technology

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The Weir Group is looking to improve its mining customers’ process efficiency by providing alternative methods to comminute and beneficiate their ore bodies. 

Process efficiency can be achieved through the reduction of maintenance, energy, and processing costs, and could likely result from the following:


  • Pre-Concentration Techniques
  • New Grinding/Milling Technologies
  • New Process Solutions for mineral extraction


In most mineral processing  operations, mineralised ore/rock is blasted, crushed and then ground/milled in a wet slurry environment to a particle size typically in 0.05-0.2mm range.  This enables the liberation and downstream concentration/beneficiation of the valuable minerals from “gangue”, or waste material.  

The grinding/milling stage of ore comminution is recognized as the most costly process in mineral beneficiation in terms of both energy intensity and equipment maintenance demands.

Operational challenges include but are not limited to variability in ore hardness and grade, requirement of reliable continuous 24/7 operation, extremely harsh operating conditions with highly abrasive slurries requiring the most robust equipment and instrumentation found in any industry.

Many of the company's mining customers have expressed concerns regarding decreased ore grade, which means more rock has to be processed to extract the same amount of valuable mineral.  

Additionally, its customers are becoming increasingly affected by environmental constraints, such as water scarcity and energy consumption. Rather than identifying new rich seams, Weir is considering finding new methods and technologies that will ultimately enable our customers to improve their process efficiency. 


Potential solutions must be cost-effective and novel.

Possible approaches include, but are not limited to:

  • New or alternative methods of pre-concentration/sorting run-of-mine
  • New or alternative screening technologies/equipment to achieve better particle size separation efficiency
  • New or alternative milling technologies/equipment/processes for particle size reduction 
  • New or alternative milling circuit control systems/instrumentation to achieve better process control
  • Design improvements to existing equipment to increase capital utilisation
  • Application of new/alternative materials to reduce maintenance costs
  • New or alternative mineral extraction technologies
  • New or alternative unit operations/processes that require less or no water

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