How can technology help us improve services for our public buildings?

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Stirling Council owns and operates a huge range of public facilities and capital assets, including schools, libraries, offices, infrastructure and social housing. However the profile of their assets, how they are managed and who they are managed by, makes it difficult to track them as a single entity. This restricts visibility of the total cost to manage and maintain them.

Some of the newer buildings might have Building Information Management (BIM) systems but most buildings do not. This means much of Stirling Council’s information is uncoordinated and disjointed in inefficient systems. They are not alone in having this issue.

Stirling Council would like to develop a solution that gives them a better understanding of their capital assets. They want to gather data to help them design better services, processes and procedures. They also want to understand their requirements for repairs, maintenance and property investment, and calculate true costs.

Stirling Council would like to:

  • Pro-actively engage with buildings when issues are flagged up
  • Uncover potential improvements, some of which may not be obvious, and
  • Be able to recognise new opportunities.

To sum up, they would like to harness the power of innovation to deliver better services, and save money. This money can then be reinvested to improve the lives of everyone who lives, works and visits Stirling.

Applicants must apply by 2 July 2018.

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