Improving NHS waiting time system efficiency

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How can we make the NHS waiting time system more efficient and effective?

The NHS in Scotland has important requirement to manage the demand and supply of treatment at a local, regional and national level effectively. As our population lives longer, often with increasingly complex health needs, that brings even greater demand on these finite services and even greater need to manage them well. Matching available health service capacity to demand is a long-recognised challenge that affects health boards in Scotland. The management of these processes is manual, remaining unchanged for many years.

Solving this challenge is not simply about replacing current processes. We want to engage a company that can modernise, automate and optimise demand management for hospital services. We need a team that can bring a completely new point of view to the problem and bring a product or technologies that have the potential to scale across Scotland.

Success will see NHS resources better used as time saved as well as a better experience for patients and staff. The overall benefits are expected to include reducing the time patients wait for appointments, reduction in overheads for hospital administration and more efficient use of the resources available.

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