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The use of digital technology to improve the speed and effectiveness with which leaders can assess and take timely action to improve the motivation and engagement of their teams

Staff engagement is a key performance of the Scottish Government, and of most organisations given the long established relationship between staff satisfaction and customer satisfaction. The Scottish Government wants and values a happy and motivated staff which have a clear understanding of how their work contributes to the Government's objectives.

Every year the Government undertakes a detailed staff survey which allows it to measure staff attitudes to issues such as the direction of the organisation is taking and how valued they feel. 

This covers whether they have experienced bullying or discrimination and the quality of the training and working environment the Scottish Government provides. It analyses the results and the organisation's managers take action to improve its performance. The process is a core part of how the Government expects people to lead the organisation and a critical determinant of its success.

But it wants to do more. It want to have insight of how these metrics evolve on a real time basis so we can be quicker to react to potential issues. To ensure that satisfaction and well-being levels never drop, keeping everyone motivated to deliver the services our citizens deserve.

Can tech help the Scottish Government improve the monitoring of staff satisfaction, happiness and wellbeing?

Apply for this challenge by July 2 2018. 

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